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Activism consists of efforts to promote, impede, or direct social, political, economic, or environmental change

Travel Activists offers

An offbeat vision of tourism. We conceive, plan and operate community-based travels of all kinds everywhere in Vietnam. We refuse the common consumerist tourism scheme and offer a real qualitative alternative whatever your travel style is.

A privileged relationship with hospitality and tourism projects within local communities. We empower isolated development initiatives by connecting them into a network that will serve operational improvement and give them a better visibility.


The tourism marketplace is full of compromises between profit and ethic, between a lack of expertise from the industry and some extreme consumerism from travelers. We refuse the travel model that currently rules; and we decided to go upstream with an innovative offer. It is structured around community-based travel resource for an optimized social and environmental integration.


We made the choice to promote less traveled destinations only. We selected places made of stunning sceneries, deeply rooted ethnic cultures and where sincere interaction is natural. Over-promoted mass tourism spots generally offer very average travel experiences. We propose you to make a change, to travel epic and away from the crowds, in line with the country and its people.

Your experience

Leisure travel must be thought first as a source of experiences. The way we think travel guarantees that you do not just go to some place. Our tours focus on the journey, the people you meet, the activities you take part in, the spontaneity of the country. Every program we make is designed to generate positive emotions and so memories. Forget the must-see and the must-do; we take you straight to the must-feel.


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