Design, train, innovate, develop. We provide consulting services to support companies, NGOs and in-community development projects.

Our expertise in tourism products development and promotion can serve your business or institution in many different ways.

Whether you are:

  • A tour operator willing to refresh your products range and/or train your staff in selling/operating less travelled destinations,

  • A NGO willing to integrate ecotourism practices within an upcoming or existing project,

  • A company willing to arrange an original staff trip or an exclusive tour to impress your partner/client,

  • A hotel willing to develop tourism activities within your core business and so generate a new source of income,

  • An architecture company willing to get insights in tourism industry for the design of a specific project,

  • An existing tourism project looking for development and/or marketing services,

  • Or an individual willing to invest in a community-based tourism project,

We have skills and experience to bring on. Just drop us a line to start a discussion about all your needs in tourism competences.